4DN consortium recommended cell lines

  • Tier 1: small set of cells provided to each 4DN member to be able to use and provide data for all studies.
  • Tier 2: large set of cells based on popular usage for specific projects.
By clicking on a cell line name you can access more information from the 4DN Data Portal, including SOPs.

Tier 1 Description Provider Availability
H1-ESC (WA01) Human embryonic stem cells (male) WiCell
GM12878 EBV-Immortalized B-lymphocytes (female) Coriell
IMR90 Human Fetal Lung Fibroblast ATCC
HFF-hTert-clone 6 hTert-immortalized human foreskin fibroblasts (male) Job Dekker Lab
WTC-11 Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSc male) Bruce Conklin Lab
Tier 2 Description Provider Availability
F121-9 Mouse Cast-129 F1 hybrid embryonic stem cells (female) David Gilbert Lab
F123 Mouse Cast-129 F1 hybrid embryonic stem cells (male) Bing Ren Lab
HAP1 Haploid derivative of chronic myelogenous leukemia Bas van Steensel Lab
H9 Human embryonic stem cells (female) Wicell
hTERT-RPE hTERT immortalized retina pigmented epithelium (female) ATCC
K562 Chronic myelogenous leukemia (female) ATCC
HEK293 Human embryonic kidney (female) ATCC
U2OS Osteosarcoma cells (female) ATCC
JM8.N4 Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Komp
HCT 116 Human Colorectal carcinoma ATCC
G4 Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Carol Ware

Eligibility to request cell lines

The 4DN Cell Line Working Group has established a protocol that specifies which 4DN PIs are eligible for ordering what cell lines. To become eligible, please send a letter via email to David Gilbert (gilbert@bio.fsu.edu), co-chair of Cell Line Working group, and copy Kate Rivera-Noel (oh@4dnucleome.org), the OH 4DN Program Coordinator.

Content of your request letter

In your letter please provide your name, institution, the 4DN cell lines that you would like to access and briefly state your proposed use of these cells. Please also include a statement that the data generated from 4DN cell lines will be released according to the 4DN consortium data submission and release policy.

Review of your letter

After receiving your request letter, the 4DN Cell Line Working group will discuss your eligibility, and once you are approved by the Cell Line working group, you will be notified and more importantly you will see your name in the "current PI list who have requested this cell line" on 4DN wiki.